Exploring Human Mobility and Transnational Politics

This project explores the relationships between globalization, human mobility, and emerging forms of transnational political mobilization and communication. It takes as its starting point the observation that political dynamics around the globe have been transformed by globalization, new patterns of human mobility, and the development of innovative transnational social networks. Read more


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The Transnational Villagers

book cover In opposition to conventional wisdom, a growing number migrants still engages politically, socially and economically in their countries of origin, while at the same time creating a new home in the United States. In her rich and captivating work, Peggy Levitt describes how these people are anchored in both worlds, drawing from elaborate fieldwork in guest and home countries. She explores the impact of transnational migration on everyday life, including family, work, as well as community structures and looks at transformations in migrants' conception of ethnicity and gender, positing that a such a border-spanning life style may soon become a widespread praxis in a globalized world. For more information about the book click here.