Terrence Lyons


Email: tylons1@gmu.edu


Terrence Lyons is Associate Professor at the Institute of Conflict Analysis and Resolution and Co-Director of the Center for Global Studies at George Mason University. Lyons specializes in comparative politics and international relations with a particular emphasis on conflicts and transnational politics in Africa. Among Lyons' publications are: Demilitarizing Politics: Elections on the Uncertain Road to Peace (2005), Voting for Peace: Postconflict Elections in Liberia (1999), and Sovereignty as Responsibility: Conflict Management in Africa (1996). He has authored and edited a number of academic and policy-oriented studies, including "Conflict-Generated Diasporas and Transnational Politics in Ethiopia" (2007), "Diasporas and Homeland Conflict" (2006), and "The Ethiopian Extended Dialogue: An Analytical Report, 2000-2003" (2004).